What we provide

Students at The Little Swimmer can look forward to:

Stroke Correction

Understand your mistakes, go back to basics with swim stroke principles. Once you have increased your stroke efficiency, you will cover greater distances, with less effort.

Competitive Swimming

Train to compete in various competitions

Swimming for Special Needs Program

We all have different abilities, and each one of us is unique. This is why we make swimming accessible for all despite our circumstances

National SwimSafer Certification Programmes

SwimSafer is a national water safety program that teaches people of all ages and varying abilities to swim and be safe in, or and around water

Learn To Swim Programme

Learn to swim program' is designed to familiarise children with the water to develop water confidence, safety, survival skills as an extension to their personal swimming abilities.

It compromises of 8 different levels to equip your child with the basic swimming/water survival skills.